Respecting the past, Building the future

Welcome To The Old Astoria Neighborhood Association

When you become an associate of the Old Astoria Neighborhood Association, you get the chance to gain better insight into what’s going on in and around the community.

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  • Promote communications between residents and city agencies, private business and/or developers, charities, and elected officials.
  • Promote the local business environment for economic growth and Promote neighborhood reinvestment.
  • Enhance the cultural health of the area, both in artistic achievement and promotion, and in relations between various ethnic groups.
  • Have input on zoning and city planning decisions and enforcement that affect the character of our neighborhood.
  • Promote security and quality of life.
  • Aim to accomplish its mission by arranging and facilitating presentations, workshops and town hall meeting for the Astoria community.
  • 21 St. to the East*
  • Steinway and 20 Ave to the North*.
  • Queensborough Plaza to the South*
  • The East River to the West.*
  • Residents, Businesses and Property on both sides of the streets will be considered part of the Old Astoria Neighborhood.

You can support the Old Astoria Neighborhood Association in more than one way. If you would like to volunteer your time and skills, please email us and let us know what skills you bring to the table. We accept donations in any amount.


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