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Fines and Interest Reduction Enabling Recovery Program

New York City is allowing residents to pay a reduced amount for eligible Environmental Control Board judgments under a temporary city program called Fines and Interest Reduction Enabling Recovery (FAIRER). Residents are eligible if proceedings were initiated in court before June 23, 2021.

The FAIRER Program is a three-month program authorized by Mayor de Blasio and the New York City Council. The program is administered by the Department of Finance (DOF) that allows respondents or payors to resolve outstanding Environmental Control Board (ECB) judgments issued by various city agencies. Adjudication of judgments lay with the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH).

Those eligible for the FAIRER program may save up to 75% and have penalties and interests related to their unpaid judgments waived. The amount costumers will save up will depend upon the kind of violations that went into judgment and if the respondent attended a hearing held by the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings. For more details about the FAIRER program, please download this flyer.

To participate in the FAIRER program, please visit  www.nyc.gov/mysummons. The FAIRER program will run from September 20, 2021, to March 20, 2022. Respondents will have to pay their violations in full by March 20, 2022, to participate.


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